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Sunday, April 11, 2010

Save-the-Date Announcement

How much time do you have before your wedding?
How far will people need to travel to attend?
Do you want to send something that can remind them to save the date or just announce your engagement?

You may need a save-the-date. It is the first communication can let people know how formal your wedding will be. It also shows your taste and sense of the style---the first impression of the couple you will be. There are a lot of ways to make your save-the-date card. It can be as simple as a postcard. Couples do collect postcards and chose a different one for each person they invited. If you would like to have some privacy, you can send a mail with the save-the-date card in side. You may also combine it with a holiday card. For example, it could be a new year’s card or a Valentine’s Day card. You can take a photo of yourselves holding a sign with the date and send it with your card. You can also find chic vintage cards on

I have a recommendation here. Let me show you how to create an eco-friendly interlocking announcement. I found this inspiration in “the paper bride”—A book about how to do wedding D.I.Y. with paper.

Graphic Knife
Construction Paper/ Tissue Paper/ Recycled Paper

Step 1. Cut a rectangle from a piece of paper. Make sure it would fit in your envelope after being folding. Here I use the purple construction paper. (4 dollar for 96 sheets with 8 different colors) You can use a tissue paper as well.

Step 2. Fold the rectangular paper as it is showed in step 2.

Step 3. Fold the paper towards the middle line of the paper as it is showed in step 3.

Step 4. Draw 2 hearts on the paper. The one on the right is slightly larger than the one on the left.

Step 5. Cut off the half portion inside each heart. Cut the half heart on the outline of each heart just like the picture above.

Step 6. Plan your words, typesetting or hand writing, and write onto the paper. Or print several copies of your words and attach it to your cut-out card. You may also put a bit of tape or glue and paste your photo onto the card.

Step 7. Interlock the card as it is showed in step 7.

Step 8. Fold and insert the card into the envelope.

This is an easy D.I.Y save-the-date card template. You can figure out how to make it look good once you’ve figure out how it works. Your save-the-date experience will let you know how involved you want to be with your actual invitation. By sticking to the theme of this blog, just remember to use recycled materials to send out a message to your guests that your wedding is going to be a green wedding or you want to give them a green bride or groom image.

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I love the save the date announcement at the top...very cute.

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